Tips to Keep Yourself Warm in the Outdoors

If you want to keep your tent warm at night, you should follow these tips. No matter what kind of weather you are camping in, here are some ideas to help.

Get a good quality sleeping bag

Spend a little bit of extra money and get a good quality sleeping bag that is temperature rated, ideally one that is rated for zero degrees. You can increase the temperature rating of your sleeping bag by adding a fleece liner which is separately available.

Get 3 Season Tent

Compared to air mattresses, sleeping pads are able to provide more insulation since they do not fill up with cold air the way air mattresses do. An air mattress does not offer any insulation against the cold air that has built up inside the mattress. You can further increase the comfort and warmth by using a sleeping pad in addition to your air mattress and stacking it above the mattress. We strongly recommend the Therm-a-Rest sleeping pads for maximum comfort.

Invest in a catalytic heater

These heaters can be easily installed inside a tent for warmth. However, it is not recommended to run them all through the night while you are sleeping. If you plan on using such a heater, only run it for a little while and turn it off before you go to sleep.

Invest in a thermal blanket

Many people do not realize it, but thermal blankets are very useful in reflecting heat from the heater towards your body. Instead, many people simply mistake them to be nothing more than emergency blankets. Here’s a tip that can really help you. All you need to do is to attach your thermal blanket along the ceiling of your tent using duct tape, which will help reflect the heat of the tent at you.

Wear a knit hat

Keep your knitted hat on while you sleep, but you already knew that, didn’t you? Your head is the point through which most of your body heat is lost, so wearing a hat helps trap all that energy and keep you warm. It is much better to wear a hat instead of simply keeping your head inside the sleeping bag. When you keep your head inside the bag, you create condensation that only makes you colder.

Keep your socks completely dry at all times

This goes without saying: you need to keep your socks completely dry. After your head, the largest amount of body heat is lost through the feet, which means that you need to prevent this as much as possible. Even slightly damp socks will help encourage heat loss. For maximum heat retention, we recommend that you put on a clean pair just before getting into your sleeping bag. Keep the temperatures comfortable so that you don’t sweat as this will make your socks damp. If you feel warm enough to end up sweating, reduce some layers to bring yourself to a comfortable body temperature or else you will end up cold and wet.


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